F-22 Lightning 3 Online Community

F-22 Lightning 3 Online Community 2014

This website has been created to help L3 pilots old and new to play F-22 Lightning 3 online. My pilot tag is Xposure and I am a member of the Ultimate Xtreme squad. I realise that the glory days of playing F-22 online was from 1999 to around 2003 but I think (and hope) there are some pilots who would like to play online now. Modern online gaming has changed so much since L3 was released in regards to graphics and playability etc. but I still like it even though it is now classed as retro, plus I am too old to learn something new!

I have done some research on forums etc. and there are some people asking for answers to their questions about playing F-22 online:
  • "Does anyone play F-22 Lightning 3 online anymore?"

  • "How can I get online and play F-22 Lightning 3?"

  • "Are the Nova Logic servers still live?"

  • "Is F-22 Lightning 3 compatable with Windows 7?"

  • "Why does L3 flicker or freeze with Windows 8?"

These questions inspired me to create this website to provide information and advice on how to get people playing online. We will also be hosting online games so people can join from around the world. I hope pilots will help spread the word about my attempt to revive the F-22 online community so we can have some great wars again!

Great Games

Who said F-22 L3 was dead? We play everyday and at the weekends the game server can get very busy and sometimes even full!
Image showing a full game server

Unique Map

Were you bored with the old Nova World maps? Come and fly in our unique 4 runway Deathmatch map, the ultimate F-22 L3 game experience!
Image showing the 4 runway map

F22 L3 Game Information

F-22 Lightning 3 was created by Nova Logic in 1999 and was (and still is in my opinion) one of the best flight simulation games ever made. It was never designed as a hard core flight simulator but more of a combat flying game for casual players. It received a rating of 8.2 out of 10 in the GameSpot review and a rating of 8.4 in the IGN review. You can read about the complete Nova Logic F-22 series on the Wikipedia website.

Specifications for playing F22 Lightning 3 are very basic compared to modern computer technology:
  • OS: Windows 2000, XP (will also work with Windows Vista, 7 and 8)
  • Processor: Pentium 266MHz or better
  • Memory: 32MB minimum
  • Graphics: Direct3D compliant
  • Hard Drive: 488MB free
  • Sound: DirectX compliant
  • DirectX: DirectX version 6.0 or higher
The game can be played alone on a computer where you play various different types of 'Campaigns' but to really enjoy the game you need to get online and play against pilots around the world. It is quite easy to play to a good level of skill but to get to become an Ace requires many, many hours in the sky with alot of flying lessons and information from experienced pilots.

1st Year Anniversary Game

It is exactly one year since I created this website to revive F-22 Lightning 3. Lots of things have happened over the last 12 months but I think the revival has been a success with lots of pilots old and new playing everyday. To celebrate I would like as many pilots as possible to join me on Saturday 2nd August at 10.00pm UK time.


The NOVA WORLD Lobby does NOT work so you CANNOT join any game you see being hosted in the NOVA WORLD Lobby!

DON'T PANIC! You can still play F-22 L3 everyday with our Community as we have our own CUSTOM LOBBY that everyone CAN use to join our F-22 Community 24/7 game server.

Just click the button below for full details and get playing online NOW!

Custom Lobby

FREE Remote Access

Are you having problems getting F-22 Lightning 3 to run on Windows Vista, 7 or 8?

Are you frustrated that you just can't connect to our online F-22 L3 games?

I can now offer FREE remote access so I can setup the game directly on your computer. It is 100% secure and very simple and easy to setup by using Team Viewer, a FREE program that you download and install on your computer which allows me to connect. Now you have no excuse not to play the greatest combat flight sim in the world!


F-22 Lightning 3 Game

Lost your L3 game? Want to join us and play online again? Buy the game from the official Nova Logic website NOW for ONLY $9.99!
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