F-22 Lightning 3 Online Community

F-22 Community Website Cancelled

Hi members, I am bowing out of the F-22 Community and cancelling the website, I realise not everybody will be pleased with my decision but I do not play anymore and I feel I have done everything possible to revive this game but it just did not happen in the long term, especially in the UK time zone.

As the game server is paid for by donations it will continue to run until the end of the year at which point it will be cancelled. I have provided the custom maps below for members to host their own games or maybe someone will setup a dedicated game server.

Below you can download the current map rotation, Scrub 5 rw, Glacial 1 rw, Jungle double rws and Savanah 4 rw. Download and place the 'Updated.pff' file into the main NovaLogic game folder. It will overwrite the original big Nova maps:


This page will be cancelled at the end of June to allow members time to download the custom maps.

Thanks to all members who supported me and this project.